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Dorothea Hodge

Dorothea Hodge is a former Special Adviser to the Leader of the House of Lords. In a career spanning over 15 years in politics and corporate communications she has provided political counsel to most of senior UK politicians including the former Prime Minister Tony Blair and the former Foreign Secretary David Miliband, in addition to advising global brands such as Nokia.

With a focus on International relations, Dorothea has worked with notable global leaders such as Kofi Annan and former Prime Minister Tony Blair. She has advised the current Under-Secretary General of the UN, Valerie Amos and the former Attorney General Baroness in a private capacity for several years.

As Special Adviser to the House of Lords, Dorothea was responsible for brokering deals on controversial legislation including the Immigration and Asylum Act, Mental Health Bill, Sexual Orientation Regulations, Race and Religious Hatred Bill.

In 2005 Dorothea managed the General Election Media Team reporting directly to Alastair Campbell, directing a team of 35, and delivering up to 3 high-profile media events per day across the country involving the Prime Minister, and senior cabinet ministers.

Prior to her work in the UK Government, Dorothea worked at leading consultancies Luther Pendragon and Cohn and Wolfe, advising O2, Deloitte and Touche, Diageo and Avaya.

Dorothea specialises in crisis management, corporate affairs and global campaigns.

Dorothea is a Trustee of CSV and holds a Masters in regional economic development from Cardiff University.

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